New Residence Guide to the Winter in Brainerd


Jan 8, 2019


If you’ve just moved to Brainerd, you may be wondering where to find quick information about living in the city. As your preferred mover, we wanted to aggregate some of the best resources for things you will need to know as a Brainerd newbie.

City Events

One of the best places to find out about city events is on this city website. The website hosts a wide range of events from family story time at the library to Trivia Night at The Roundhouse Brewery. This city will help keep you in the know as things are coming up each week and weekend. BE sure to save it on your phone or computer and check back often.

Seeing The City

One of the best ways to see the city is to explore different amenities that the city has to offer. You can visit this website and select from a number of categories based on your interests and be directed to a local area to explore.

Eat Out

A great way to get to know the city, is to visit its local establishments. A few ways to start trying the local fare is to check out the top ratings for each restaurant. Apps like Yelp and Urban Spoon are great places to start as you can search by cuisine or ratings.

Get Deals

As you get out an explore, you’ll probably be looking for some deals – so that all of these extra curriculars don’t break the bank. We found this city website that features a few deals like free bird watching tour and 10% off of go-cart racing. Plus, we suggest you look at local Groupon offers, as there are ways to save.

City Resources

As you get settled, you will need to tap into the city website to access these resources. Click and save these websites for easy access later:

We hope this quick guide will help save you some time as you get acclimated to our beautiful city. And, as always – if you have any questions our team is on-call and ready to help make Brainerd feel more like home.

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