Moving Tips & Checklists

We’ve pulled together some moving tips to help with the process, as it can be a very stressful time.

Moving Checklist

It is never too soon to begin planning for a move. We have found that a comprehensive timetable and checklist is the best strategy to ensure a smooth relocation.

Packing Tips

You can realize great savings in the cost of packing, and save yourself time and effort once you reach your destination, by planning and organizing in advance.

Moving Tips

Here you will find some moving tips for your forthcoming move. We want you to have a problem-free move, and we have listed some procedures that can make your move easier.

Disallowed Items

To guard against damage that can be caused by combustion, leakage or explosion, check here for items not allowed in the van.

Preparing Children

Parents can help children ease the transition from their old home and school to new ones by following these suggestions.

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