How to Survive a Move During the Holidays


Dec 4, 2019


If your life or job are requiring you to move this winter season, our team at Red’s wants to offer you some tips for how to make your move a bit easier. With some preparation and tools – this holiday season can still be a joyful and memorable time for your family.

Holiday Totes

As you start to pack your things, designate a box that will include your holiday essentials. Consider buying colorful totes – make a game out of it and ask the family to pick 2 of their favorite decorations. This year will be all about minimalism – but you can still be sure to have some of the things that make the holidays special in your home. If your move in-date is going to be cutting it close to the holidays, you may want to consider taking your décor with you in a suitcase or in the car so you can be sure to have them when you.

Keep the Traditions and Make New

Make it a goal to take one tradition from your old house (or city) and bring it with you to your new home. Then review your new neighborhood, community or city calendar and be open to attending on new event. You can ask locals to help you decide what to attend. The event will help you get out and get to know your new town and will help you get over any holiday blues.

Keep it Simple

This is not the year to host, be ambitious or take on too much. Even if your move-in date is weeks before the actually holiday – be sure to leave a lot of whitespace on your calendar for getting settled. Use paper for your dinners, order out when you can and try to not set too many expectations for this season of time.


As much as possible, consider outsourcing things on the actual holiday. Things like catering, snow removal, cleaning or grocery shopping are all ways to ensure you aren’t too overwhelmed this year. Don’t feel guilty about asking for help this year – you may have your plate full with other things or may need the mental break.

And, as always, we at Red’s are here to making the moving part of your journey a little bit merrier and stress-free. All of us here would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

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