How Reds Can Help You Sell Homes During the Holidays


Dec 8, 2018


The holidays can be a downtime for real estate sales. As a professional, you know that there are numerous challenges to selling during November and December. In many cities, the weather can be a big issue – doing open houses during the winter can be less than ideal and people are less likely to take on a move unless it’s time sensitive. Here are some ways Red’s Transfer can come alongside your team to make selling during the holidays a bit easier.

  1. Declutter: As a partner with us, we can offer your clients a place to stash all of non-essential items in each room. Streamline the space and stage for a better sell. We have storage units that can handle the miscellaneous items that are making rooms feel small or too personal. Partner with us and we can make the staging process easy and more cost-effective for your clients.
  2. Curb Appeal: Nothing looks worse than patio furniture with a foot of snow on it to damped the appeal of your backyard. One of the best ways we can help during the holidays is to help clear out your client’s seasonal yard items. Instead of trying to store them in the garage or shed, we can take them off your hands so that there’s more space for the potential buyer to dream of warmer days.
  3. Move Schedule: If your clients are moving during the holidays, our bet is that the move is time sensitive. As a valued partner of Reds Transfer, we can know your client is on the radar to move and we can help plan to ensure their things arrive during the window of time when they need to start their job. We can work closely with you and them on the timeline to ensure a more efficient move schedule.
  4. Better Budget: When we know your client’s move is on the horizon, we can offer them a free no-obligation in-home estimate so that they can better budget for their move. If they are a part of a relocation and have a lump sum or package – this can help them better budget for the full move.

If you have any questions about how you can become a preferred real estate partner or are curious about the perks associated with a potential partnership, give us a call at 320-251-2833.

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