Brainerd Ranks #4 in Most Profitable Places to Buy a Vacation Homes


Feb 25, 2019


It’s probably no secret to you, if you’re a native, but Brainerd has been ranked one of the most profitable places to buy a second home by – the premier real estate information hub.

If you’re considering a second home or a move to Brainerd – here’s a little bit about why it might be a start investment. data team looked at housing markets across the nation to find where buyers are buying low and selling high because property is appreciating. It’s important to note – the team talks about how real estate, of this kind, is a longer-term investment. We aren’t talking flips here, we are talking an investment over time.

 Here’s how they came up with the rankings:

  • First reviewed the 500 largest metro areas where second homes were at least 12% of the property types
  • Reviewed homes sold over the past year
  • Compared sale price to previous prices (going back as far as 2008) – this is how they defined profit
  • Created an annualized rate of return for each market based on those profit numbers

Note: they limited their ranking to two metros per state to ensure some geographic diversity

Brainerd is listed as #4 and here’s why:

  • Annualized rate of return: 11%
  • Median home list price: $286,200

The Land of 10,000 Lakes has made vacation homing more affordable and accessible. With Brainerd having over 500 lakes – there are many options for modest cabin prices starting at $100,000.

They warn that the prices are starting to increase now that the economy has recovered, so now might be your time to buy in Brainerd.

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